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  • NuVoo offers a user to use their equipment
  • With a start account, you will get 0.01626 bitcoin per year
  • NuVoo mining is legit

Cloud mining is what every average person can afford in order to gain any of the Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency. Review one of the best and trustworthy service and start earning.

Review NuVoo Cloud Service Before Mining

Today cryptocurrency has become the most discussed topic all over the world. From the day of its foundation, the price for bitcoins has changed from $200 to $19,000. Today you can buy a bitcoin for $6,000 – $7,000 or you can invest it in the cloud. It is up to you to decide whether it is worth investing or not. To make a decision, you should understand how it works. Review

What is NuVoo mining?

NuVoo mining review will help you not only understand how cloud mining works but also refresh the basics of the public blockchain. There are two ways to get cryptocurrency today.

  • Buying a hardware
  • Buying a contract from a cloud service

The first option is 100% trustful but expensive. You have to buy equipment for $1,000 – $10,000 which applies to only one type of cryptocurrency and will eventually lose its worth. With such equipment, you will be able to mine 1-7 bitcoins per year depending on the capacity and efficiency. It is the first important point to pay attention to.

  • Hash rate or speed of the hardware is a number of Giga- or terahashes it proceeds every second. The number shows how profitable the miner will be. It is calculated in Gh/s or Th/s. Modern equipment must have around 40 Th/s. (One terahash contains 1000 gigahashes).
  • Power measured in watt shows how efficient the device is. For example, GPUs pay around 50% of all the mined reward for the electricity consumed. With modern ASIC (application-specific integrated circuit) equipment the power consumption is much lower, and the efficiency is accordingly higher. Modern devices must have around 1000 – 1500 watt.

NuVoo cloud mining service has highly efficient hardware which you and every user can rent to mine personal bitcoins.

NuVoo Mining History

NuVoo is a cloud service that offers a user to use their equipment for mining. For a monthly fee, you get a required hash rate starting with 621.95 Gh/s up to 149270.88 Gh/s. The starter account costs $100 and will bring you BTC 0.001336 per month which cost around $8.95 today. With this investment you can earn BTC 0.01626 The royal account cost $24,000 and will grant you with revenue of BTC 0.3207 per month which is equal to $2,149.23 at the moment. The yearly investment will bring you BTC 3.90.

NuVoo Review

NoVoo mining started operating hardware in Canada. The high density of the software requires substantial access to both power and cooling. The idea appeared when plenty of people who couldn’t afford expensive equipment wanted to be involved in the network and start getting the cash of the future.

How does NuVoo mining work?

To start gaining a cryptocurrency, you have to register your wallet which takes around five minutes and can be proceeded here. You can choose any other wallet. After creating a wallet you should choose the hash rate you can afford in accordance to how much you would like to get. After that choose a type of contract and start earning. Each contract is open-ended. The system is very simple for a regular user. It was the initial aim of the NuVoo to create a user-friendly service where people could have the opportunity to earn on mining bitcoins without too many efforts.


NuVoo bitcoin mining is created to help you earn without having deep knowledge of blockchains. It is your passive income. With a start account for $100, you will get 0.01626 bitcoin per year. With a silver account for $600, you can get 0.09755 bitcoins per year. It is a reasonable option for the long-term investment in blockchains but who knows how much will they cost in two five or ten years. On the other hand, you can withdraw your reward any time and get your cash now when one bitcoin costs around $7,000.

NuVoo Mining Review

Except for one-time payment for the contract, you should also note the daily electricity fee which is $ 0, 00028 per one Gh/s. For starter account, it makes 17 additional cents daily and one dollar for a silver account. You can always use a calculator to calculate your income of every contract. The service accepts credit cards, bitcoins, and wire transfer. You can withdraw earned money any time.

Trust Rating

The most important question in cloud mining is it’s trustworthy. Since the initial blockchain is impossible to attack, the scammers have found the way to cheat miners. Many people are skeptical of cloud mining services, they prefer buying personal equipment and connect with other users to create a powerful tool. If you have decided to use cloud mining, NuVoo is the right choice. Is NuVoo mining legit? You can go through the following steps to find out it yourself.

  • Ask for the proof for the equipment. Every cloud provides must tell you the type of ASIC hardware used and its location. You need it to calculate the income. If the service doesn’t provide you with technical details, it is better to avoid it.
  • Check the domain name. There are plenty of services online like which can help you find out who is the owner of the domain name and where was it registered. If the headquarters is located in one country, the domain name is registered in the other, and the equipment is stored in the third one, that might be a warning sign.
  • Talk to support representative, ask her or him additional questions, the daily payments, the fees, and the proof of existing equipment. Pay attention to the grammar and word choice. reviews showed that people are satisfied with the service and the trust rating is high.


At the moment you can mine any cryptocurrencies stated in the contract. Withdrawal is possible only in bitcoins. This system is called “extract BTC in an intelligent way.” The more detailed information you can find on the website.

NuVoo Mining Reviews

Pros and Cons of using NuVoo

Using cloud service is always risky. Review all the feedbacks and find the trust rating online before buying a contract. Otherwise, you can lose money. Be careful in investing your money. Bitcoins or any other cryptocurrency is money of future. It is a good thing to invest in. This is up to you to decide whether you want to have coins or not.